Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apartment located

Buenos días tíos,

It has been three days since my last post and, as you may have guessed, I have finally found an apartment.  The search went a lot easier than expected.  We looked at a few places, but after we saw this one, it was pretty much decided.  When I first started my search I considered trying to find a piso to share with some Spaniards, but that proved to be a lot harder than just finding an empty place.  

So after some particularly industrious searching by my previously mentioned compañera, Meg, we stumbled upon this rather large, three bedroom flat right in the center of town.  Aside from the perfect placement and spacious cuartos, the landlady was very grandmotherly and offered the place to us at the low rate of 550 €/month.

And yeah, so obviously we took the place and all decided to live together.  I figured that rather than trying to explain to you guys what it looks like, I'd just show you.  Photojournalism style.

Here is the first view of our place.  Its on the Spanish 3rd floor (the bottom floor is 0) and the American 4th.  Its the one with the small red sign in the window.

Up three flights of stairs and through the front door.

Turn right through the foyer and go into the kitchen (the girl came with the house).
Walk past Meg and hang a right.
The laundry room! And the hot water heater we haven't figured out yet!
Now back through the kitchen into the living room.
Complete with dining room table that you can just barely get a glimpse of in the above picture.  Here's a close up.
Camera not included.
Ok, now past on through the living room.
Down the hallway.  My room is on the right.
Hillary's room is straight ahead.
To the right is the bathroom.

And at the end of the rabbit hole: Meg's room!
In medias rearrangement.

That's all I've got for today folks.  Let me know what you think about the picture/walk-through thing.  Like it? Don't like it? Blow your computer/internet up?

Until next time,



  1. I've just gotten caught upon your Andaluthian adventuers, and am excited that you guys have found a place. It looks like it has a lot of character and natural lighting, whohoo! Did I spy an orange bombona de gas? Anywho, I know of some people who are paying 550/month for one room in Madrid. Congrats again!

  2. Thanks! Funny you should mention that, we do in fact have an orange bombona. Doesn't that sound a little too close to bomba? That Spanish system of propane seems a little sketchy at times. Life on the edge I guess!

    Yeah, so far the place is great. We don't have to use any lights until after the sun has set. However, we're in the plaza with all the bars so its supposed to be a bit noisy Thursday-Saturday nights until around 5 a.m. This weekend will be the test. Vamos a ver!

  3. I'm glad you found a place and are not homeless.I liked the picture tour. The light is great and I liked the robin egg blue rooms so cheery in the morning! Good thing you have train experience, the noise shouldn't be an issue.Is the area outside behind the green net remnants of the last apt. with a propane bottle next to the washer or is a washer/dryer combo unit.

  4. The area behind the green net is a fountain they have been trying to repair. Our landlady says that the local government doesn't have much money, so who knows when they'll finish. The butane bottle is actually part of the hot water heater, which is right above the washer. Like most Spanish apartments, we don't have a dryer...or an oven. We just have some places to hang our clothes on the terrace and a toaster oven. We actually had quite the adventure with the hot water heater, which is going to be the subject of my next post.