Saturday, September 25, 2010

La Línea

Hey again guys,

It hasn´t been very long since my last post in blog time, but its been awhile in the real life.  I left Sevilla yesterday and arrived in La Línea de la Concepción last night.  My time in Sevilla was pretty cool, though we didn´t really get to do much more than our orientation.  And 6-7 horas of orientation plus jet-lag can be a rough few days.  However, we did get a chance to see a flamenco show and experience some of the Spanish night life.  People generally don´t go out until at least 10 p.m.  And not just the youth are out...grandparents and children all go out to eat and socialize.  One of our teachers, who was from Spain, this week told as that the Spaniards favorite sport is discussion.  So everyone pretty much leaves their house to go chill in the streets and talk to one another.

Oh and before I go any further.  I know you guys were wondering the coffee is in fact awesome.  The standard type they serve is espresso.  Only a few places serve café americano.  Here is a picture of the remnants of my airport coffee.  Sometime soon I´ll try to get a picture of the real thing.  It had créme and everything!

So moving on, as far as towns go, La Línea has been pretty nice so far.  Its kinda small, como 30,000 personas but its pretty quaint.  The outskirts of the city I´ve heard can be dangerous because the unemployment rate is so high, many people have become gypsies.  Though within the city center it is really nice. My hotel is on the Mediterranean and the view is absolutely beautiful.  And you can walk from the med to the Atlantic quite easily.  It takes around 10-15 min at the narrowest point of the town.

Here is what my hotel in La Línea looks like

Here is the view from my hotel 

And here´s some random rock I found...

I´m gonna head off to eat for now, but I´ll be sure to post some more pictures and adventures soon!

¡Hasta luego!


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